Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Template fixed

Sorry to those who tried to use the template in the past weeks... Apparently there was a blogger change made which made my original template not work - but I fixed it now...
Please see the prior post and try it... comment here if you have any issues.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Using the Full-Width Template - as seen on this blog

If you like that "fill the window" feel for your blog, like the one you see here (or like the one I have on my main blog), you can get that too. I made some changes to a template, originally created by Darren Delaye, to make it full-width. There are also some some color adjustments, which you can re-adjust easily using the blogger dashboard...

So, here's how you can use this template:

Download the template to your local machine by clicking on this URL:
When prompted, save this file to place where you can find it again. On a Mac, it may automatically get downloaded to a "download" directory.

Log in to, go to your dashboard, and
Find the Blog you want to change and click the link labeled "Manage: Layout"

You should be in the "Layout" tab in this window now... so choose the sub-tab labeled "Edit HTML"

Under the "Backup / Restore Template" section, you'll see a place where you can upload a template from your local machine.... Click the "Browse" button to find the template you saved in Step 1. Once you return to this screen, Click the UPLOAD button.
NOTE - You might not be able to tell that it completed - but the new template should now show in the "Edit Template" section below the section where you just were...

Click the "SAVE TEMPLATE" button on the bottom - and you should get the message "Your changes have been saved. View Blog." That last part is a link to view your blog using the new template - so click that "View Blog" link!

Go have your favorite beverage - come back and post about your new blogger template! Let me know if you have other ideas for enhancing this template - maybe I'll give it a go.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Giving readers more (or less) to love...

This blog uses a slightly customized version of one of the blogger templates to make it stretch horizontally to use all the screen real estate. It's nice how all the blogger templates restrict the display to a fixed width... it looks elegant... and isn't distracting... but, I like to listen to the reader. If a reader widens their browser window, they don't want me refusing to widen my content...

Maybe more importantly is the poor small screen user... who wants to read me in narrow form... I say, let the reader decide.